Everything was until it is no more (2021)

surround sound, LED light, smoke

Darkness designs a seemingly borderless space, setting auditory perception as the sole realm of agency upon oneself, the surrounding and the others.
A deterministic series of events triggers ever-changing shifts in the sonic realm toward resulting in brief unexpected encounters with other entities, through vision.

This phenomenon creates infinite liminalities and possibly marks new perceptual states, subjective and communal, establishing continuous relationships between the participants, the space and within oneself.

It creates a radically minimalistic environment attempting to recalibrate visitors’ senses, leading them into the far reaches of their sonic and visual perception along with subjective and objective realities. “Everything was until it is no more” speculates upon the gaze as an agency of continuous shifts between phenomenology and communal knowledge.


© 2022

[there was just pressure, everywhere and forever, until-]