Club Silencio

digital video file + text, 14'47"

"The place never disappears completely and the non-place is never fully established -
they are palimpsest on which the confusing game of identity and relation
finds its own reflection over and over."

Marc Augé, Non-Places: Introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity (1992)

Club Silencio investigates urban atmospheres through the performative exploration of intersitial states, spatial boundaries, and non-places in the urban environment (specifically, in the city of Berlin and its close surroundings). This research stems from a personal fascination for the contrasts found in the city's visual and sonic landscapes, and culminates in an audiovisual composition in which field recordings, electronic sounds and still shots are intertwined, evoking both the architectural spaces defined by the city buildings and eerie imaginary soundscapes, drawing the audience into a surrealist depiction of the urban experience.

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